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Some years ago the Guwahati University introduced B.T. for teacher of the secondary schools. The teachers were deputed by the Government of Asom.

But later on, B.T. was converted to B.Ed. for one year course. This B.T. course was abolished from Guwahati University. But the authority of Guwahati University had given permission for opening B.Ed. College on the ground of fulfilling certain terms & conditions as per G.U. rules.

Gradually, B.Ed. Degree is becoming an essential qualification for becoming a teacher in the secondary level of education. The Government of Asom has also given priority to B.Ed. degree holders for appointment of secondary teachers. So, B.Ed. Colleges are being established in every state rapidly. Such colleges are under National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), Bhubaneshwar and the concerning Universities.

The people of Dakshin Guwahati felt the necessity of a B.Ed. College in their area. As a result, Dakshin Guwahati B.Ed. College was established in 1993 on 20th August in Fatasil Ambari, Guwahati-25 with permission from Guwahati University and NCTE, Bhubaneshwar. At first, the college was started in Ambari, Nabajug L.P. School showing requisite land and construction of building. The fund was created from the public donation for the college.

Shri Priyalal Pathak was the founder Principal of the college. Afterwards, the college was shifted to its own building which was built at segunbari on March 2004. Since then the college is running smoothly and properly. Now Shri Nayanjyoti Sharma is the principal of the college. He is experienced and qualified. More . . .


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